Activities for
Speech & Language

Table of Contents - September:
1. Monthly Vocabulary List: September Vocabulary List
2. Sentence Formulation and Expressive Word Usage: Student Sentences
3. Synonyms: School Synonyms
4. Antonyms: ABC Antonyms
5. Homophones: Homework Homophones
6. Associations: Academic Associations
7. Pronouns: Principle Pronouns
8. Plurals: Pupil Plurals
9. Verb Forms: Victorious Verbs
10. Contractions: Classroom Contractions
11. Scrambled Sentences: School Scramble
12. Sentence Combining: Teacher Tricks
13. Run-On Sentences: Recess Run-Ons
14. Good English/Bad English: Golden Rule Grammar
15. Sentence Imitation: Teacher Talk
16. Auditory Discrimination: Cool-School
17. Listen, Remember, Tell, and Write: Schools of Long Ago
18. Problem Solving: Schoolhouse Situations
19. Directions with Movement: Daffy Directions
20. Following Directions: Clever Clues
21. Categorization: Class Categorization
22. Idioms: Ink Pen Idioms and Illustrating Idioms
23. Fact/Opinions: School Statements
24. Writing Exercise: Peer Interviews and Paragraph Writing
25. Listening for the Main Idea and Supporting Facts: Field Trip
26. Sequence Story: The Bus Stop Surprise & First Day of School
27. Story Building: Fall Phrases
28. Pragmatics: Crazy Conversations
29. Semantic Development: Vocabulary Clues
30. Articulation: September Articulation Activities